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Poet laureate of Britain, "Students do not know the Bible"

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Poet Laureate: "Students do not know the Bible"

by Richard on February 18, 2009

Andrew Motion, the Poet Laureate, has been lamenting the state of British student’s knowledge of both the Bible and classical mythology. (Listen here)

The Poet Laureate said: “I’m not trying to give them a dusty and bitter pill to swallow here, I’m just saying that these stories achieve archetypal status because they tell us recurring truths about human nature that is a pleasure and an important thing in and of itself.”

Every preacher will recognize the picture Motion paints of a decline in knowledge of the Biblical stories. A decline in church attendance is obviously partly to blame, but that isn’t the whole story. Changes in the curriculum for religious education in schools will also have played a part, but these changes were probably necessary given the diversity to be found in British society. In any case, the decline in knowledge of the Bible isn’t just to be found in secular Britain. I’m certain that the grasp the average British church-attender has of the Bible is much lower now than would have been the case until even fairly recently.

And the fault for this lies squarely with the church.

At the risk of sounding like a boring old fart, we have been neglecting the systematic teaching of the Bible in our churches. Hardly surprising that congregations know less about it than they once did. Whereas ‘Bible quizzes’ and the like were once common feature of Sunday School lessons, now they hardly feature at all. The stories of the Old Testament are routinely skimmed over or ignored — it’s almost as if the church has forgotten that the Christian faith has a content which must be taught if it is to be learnt.

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