Saturday, September 29, 2012

From Dr. Cook, at the Biblische Ausbildung blog: Biblical Hebrew: A Compact Guide

My wonderful seminary professor of Old Testament, Dr. Stephen Cook, has written in his blog, Biblische Ausbildung, about a great little book which gives a guide to Biblical Hebrew.  As someone who knows the importance of ancient languages (but struggle mightily with them!), I wanted to mention this book, as well as Dr. Cook's blog as great sources for delving deeply into scripture.  Do check out Dr. Cook's blog, Biblische Ausbildung, and also the book "Biblical Hebrew: A Compact Guide"

Biblical Hebrew: A Compact Guide

IMG_5623In the photo above, some of my terrific students in upper-level Hebrew are taking a look at a handy new booklet Zondervan just sent me to examine: Biblical Hebrew: A Compact Guide, by Miles Van Pelt. It’s a neat reference booklet summarizing basic Hebrew grammar. It’s inexpensive too, listing for $19.99 and available on Amazon for $13. It appears to be a great practical tool for quick reference, and is recommended for all seminarians studying Hebrew.

Biblische Ausbildung: Biblical Hebrew: A Compact Guide: BIBLISCHE AUSBILDUNG

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