Saturday, September 01, 2012

Ian Markham on change

Dean Ian Markham, of Virginia Theological Seminary, has written another wonderful daily reflection in his "Dean's Commentary."  Yesterday's blog highlighted the yearly Labor Day picnic, but also the changes that are coming to the worship space at the seminary.  Erudite and concise, Dean Markham describes the challenges and opportunities that change presents.  

This is well-worth a read, 

~The Rev. Peter M. Carey

Friday, August 31, 2012
8/31/2012As we approach Labor Day weekend and look forward to the fabulous picnic, which is organized by the Student Government, it is my task today to share with you the news about the changes to Lettie Pate Evans Interim Chapel for this first quarter. 
Seasonal committees have emerged who are responsible for providing guidelines for the overarching structure of our worship for a quarter.  This committee decided it would be helpful to invite the community to live into a different space for a quarter.  So on Tuesday morning, as we gather, you will find the room has been reorientated.  The altar is now in front of the organ.  We no longer face the windows. The ambo has been brought forward; and the seats for the presiders are on the stage.  
Change is often disorienting.  This is especially true in worship spaces.  We get accustomed to walking to our regular seat (where we have always sat).  So we have to accommodate this change and live into difference.  This is a good and important skill to learn.  As we resent the change, we learn to sympathise with all those who are still disappointed the old Prayer Book is no longer used; as we become accustomed to the change, we learn that the worship of God can accommodate change.
The Very Rev Ian MarkhamDean and President

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