Monday, April 04, 2016

Nearly nine years later...let's jumpstart this blog!

When I began SantosWoodcarvingPopsicles, I was  interested in the intersection between the "sacred" and the "profane"...the holy and the everyday.  I was in the midst of leaving Seminary and entering into ordained ministry and this blog gave me an outlet for exploring questions of spirituality and theology that were on my mind and heart in the midst of that important time.  Now, some nine years later, I feel called to re-embark on the journey of the SantosWoodcarvingPopsicles blog...and continue to explore theology, spirituality, and the ways that God interacts with, and enlivens our world.  In addition, I am going to write more broadly, and share even more widely about my interests and thoughts.  After spending a stint in ministry in the mid-Atlantic in an Episcopal School and then later a longer stint in parish ministry, I now find myself back in Episcopal School ministry in Florida, where my ministry has grown and thrived, but also has had some interesting twists and turns.

A few of my interests, which I will explore in this newly envisioned blog are represented by the following wordcloud - made with the cool tool at

So, away we seems like the battery is charged and the engine is up and running!

~The Rev. Peter M. Carey

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