18 February 2008

Dr. Esther Mombo spoke here in chapel today

Dr. Esther Mombo, the theologian, academic, leader in the Anglican Communion spoke today at our Upper School and our Middle School Chapels. I will post more about her talks, soon, but she gave inspired talks on "Growing up female in Kenya." With all the turmoil going on in Kenya, now, it was wonderful for our community to hear from this wise and wonderful woman about the life of girls and women in Kenya.

Upper School Chapel
Esther Mombo delivered a chapel message of hope about women in her native country of Kenya. This past Monday, Upper School students had the opportunity to hear Dr. Mombo speak in chapel about what growing up in a village is like and how she was able to get an education. She also spoke about the current conditions in Kenya during the time of political unrest. She said, "In the news, you see photos of men with guns, but you don't see pictures of women carrying water." She discussed the many roles and responsibilities girls have in Kenya, but she stressed that "being a girl in Kenya is fun." Dr. Mombo did discuss two particular challenges girls face: marrying early and HIV/AIDs. She suggested we could help girls get an education by sponsoring a student or by providing much needed school supplies to girls schools.

Middle School Chapel

Dr. Mombo spoke to the Middle School during chapel on Monday, February 18. Her talk was about a girl, Faith, who is growing up in the village that Dr. Mombo is from in Kenya. The girls learned what it is like for an eleven-year old to grow up in a small rural village in Kenya. The talk was followed by many good questions that the girls asked.

Dr. Mombo was visiting Richmond to speak at WomanKind, a symposium sponsored by St. James's Church.

More about Dr. Mombo can be found in many places, but here on the Virginia Theological Seminary site you can see a .pdf of her bio.

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