04 April 2008

Angela Sims: "Nuancing a Black Theology of Liberation"

Check out this interview of professor Angela Sims on Nuancing a Black Theology of Liberation over at "The Phoenix Journal"

From the Phoenix Journal: Documenting an Emerging Progressive Christianity

Click HERE to hear the interview.

Given all the media attention to Rev. Jeremiah Wright (wikipedia entry) a few weeks ago, I though it might be a good idea to survey what some regard as one of the most potent theological traditions in America - Black Liberation Theology.

Like all liberation theologies, Black Theology has its starting point in the lived experienced of a group of people - a people who are dispossessed. It has been no surprise to myself and others who are familiar with the tradition, that most "white" commentators (listen to the show for a definition) have struggled to find the beauty in Rev. Wright's words.

I also find it not surprising, now that polls have shown Sen. Obama to be well on the other side of this "scandal", that we have heard increasingly little about Rev. Wright. I suppose that if a black guy isn't playing his assigned role of scapegoat, then we don't need to pay attention to him. How sad.

I think you will really enjoy this interview with Angela Sims. She is extremely intelligent and personable, and very humble considering her obviously strong grasp on the subject matter. I found that talking with her was very similar to conversations with my old mentor, the Rev. Dr. Stephen G. Ray. There seemed to be a depth of wisdom in what she said that I longed to know myself. I am grateful that she was so willing to be a part of this experience, and to help us come to better terms with a theological tradition that has alluded many in the recent weeks.

For those who don't know, the song being played on the piano during the show is "Lift Every Voice and Sing" - the black national anthem. The YouTube video the audio was taken from can be found here.


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