Sunday, April 20, 2008

Peeping the Pope, from the "rough draft" blog

My friend Sammy, at the "rough draft" blog, wrote this amazing piece about when his wife was working to get the kids out the door to see Pope Benedict....this is a must read!

Peeping the Pope

Renee' sent around an email last night w/ the details of her bundling off our kids to see the Pope's motorcade yesterday. Pretty much made my week. Here 'tis:

My kids' perspective on the Pope's visit to DC 4/16/08

Me: Get your coats.
Ellie (Age 5): Where are we going?
Me: We're going to the Pope's parade.
Patrick (Age 3): The Poke?
Me: The Pope.
Patrick: The Pote.
Me: The Pope, with a P.
Ellie: The Pope has to pee!


Ellie: Mom
Me: Yes.
Ellie: Who is the Pope?
Me: He's the head of the Roman Catholic Church.


Ellie: He doesn't have a body?
Me: Of course he does honey.
Patrick: I'm going to catch some candy!
Me: It's not that type of parade, Buddy. The Pope doesn't throw candy.
Patrick: Because he doesn't have any arms?
Me: He has arms.
Ellie: Why are we going to see the Poke?
Me: Because the Pope is a very holy man.
Patrick: Oh, I'm a holy man!


Me: It'll be fun. The Pope rides in a funny car called the popemobile.
Patrick: The poopmobile!

more giggles

Me: The popemobile has an open seat in the back so we can see the Pope when he passes by.
Patrick: Mom?
Me: Yes
Patrick: The Pote has to ride in a car seat?
Me: Sort of. It's surrounded by a special glass that protects him.
Ellie: That's why he doesn't throw candy, Patrick. Because it would hit the glass!

You can't make this stuff up.

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