Monday, April 07, 2008

Poetry Month - Poems Emerging from the Psalter - Psalm 5

Psalm 5

Hear me God, turn your ear to my words,
be here in my meditation.

In the morning, God, I seek your presence,
as the coffee brews I call to you and see your signs.

For you are a God who does not cultivate the consuming darkness,
you are at the intersection of dark and light.

You do not tolerate those who take rewards for themselves,
without knowing the vast interconnections.

Your spirit does not flow freely when we speak lies,
and when we seek vengeance we move away from your gaze.

I know these things, and I move on the path towards your sacred place,
I will not profane what you have made sacred.

Give me beacons towards the truth,
I am so easily distracted on the way.

You, God, will bless those who live in the truth,
you will defend them and comfort them with compassion.

Help me to be one of them.

Peter Carey, from 1992

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