Sunday, September 07, 2008

New blog to check out, "Fr. David's Blog"...

A good friend of mine from seminary, Fr. David Kendrick has begun a blog called "Fr. David's Blog," and his initial posts already have me thinking. He is a thoughtful guy, who is willing to plunk himself down with folks that may (on the surface) seem to disagree with him and then engage with them and stick around long enough to build relationships. I look forward to more good posts, here is an excerpt from his second post...and, you can find his blog, HERE.

Christian worship conveys two truths about God: God's transcedence and God's immanence. Big words. To speak of God's transcedence is to speak of God as totally other, beyond our comprehension. Worship that communicates that truth is likely to feel like a time and place completely set apart from the ordinary world. Elaborate vestments, solemn hymns and chants, maybe even the occasional splash of incense: all are designed to put us in a frame of mind to glimpse the awesome mystery of the Creator of the universe.

Other people need to have a a more intimate sense of God's closeness to us. That's immanence, a word closely related to "intimate." Folks who need to sense God's immanence are, according to Olsen, more likely to want the music to be familiar, with familiar instruments like guitars and drums.

As I said in my comment on Olsen's post, my anglo catholic DNA is highly transcendent. But at the local parish I served right out of seminary, I saw a very immanenet "Family service" that children were glad to be at. Still I wonder, how do we help them mature into a faith that is willing to occasionally be lifted out of the langiage of the ordinary, to begin to perceive the awesome transcedence of God? Or will our children simply dismiss the traditional worship that many of hold so dear as an antique?

What do you all think?

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