11 October 2008

Saying goodbye to St. Helena's Convent, Vails Gate, New York

I was reminded today by Elizabeth Kaeton over at the "Telling Secrets" blog that today was the day that St. Helena's Convent in Vails Gate, New York, closed. She offered some wonderful reflections and pictures of that holy place, and I also wrote a bit about a retreat I had there back in July in this blog earlier this year, in July. (Click HERE to see the post.)

Below are a few more photos from that wonderful place, where I first visited in the mid-1990s when I served on the national board of the Episcopal Peace Fellowship. We met there twice a year, and did much wonderful work, and also recieved amazing hospitality from the sisters at St. Helena's.

I am sad today as I consider the closing of this wonderful place, and I offer a prayer to all those who offered and received hospitality and blessings in that holy place.

~ The Rev. Peter M. Carey

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Ann said...

the photos evoke melancholy for a place I have never seen. Thanks