23 December 2008

Steve says this is the Single Most Important Verse in All Scripture

John 1:14

It could be!

My friend Steve over at Draught-ing Theology has written a wonderful, concise reflection on John 1:14 (no, not John 3:16) and on the Feast of the Incarnation (otherwise known as Christmas). Do travel over and read his entire reflection HERE...I've posted a bit below ...

~ Rev. Peter M. Carey

From Steve at "Draught-ing Theology"

The Single Most Important Verse in All Scripture

OK, that might be overstating the case just a little bit, but John 1.14 is, despite what lots of signs at sporting events might argue, the most important verse in John's gospel.

The Word became flesh and blood and moved into the neighborhood... (1.14a, The Message)

The ramifications of the Incarnation, the Word becoming flesh and blood, are enormous. The word John uses for flesh [and blood] is sarx, the same word Paul uses in those lists of sins of "the flesh"; the same that the Greek philosophers used when railing against the messiness of humanity.

That God (or any god for that matter) would deign himself to the messiness of flesh is radically unorthodox in John's time and place. While we might be very familiar with the great poetry of the prologue to John's gospel we can't forget how mind-shatteringly huge this phrase from 1.14 is. Read it all HERE.

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