20 January 2009

"Battle" of the Prayers...what do you think? Warren / Robinson / Lowery...

"Battle" of the Prayers...what do you think? Warren / Robinson / Lowery...

It seems that even as there is some discussion about who likes which prayer best, the fact that different prayers appeal to different people points to the diversity of people and also the diversity of God's tastes! God, of course, hears all prayers, and whether or not they tickle our fancy, they are heard by God.

On the other hand, taking a look at (and listen to) these different prayers can give us some sense of the different ways that we understand prayer, theology, God, prayer, and the rest.

What do you think? What is the theology behind them? What is their image of God? To what are they appealing, emotion, or reason? Which one 'rings true' to you...why, do you think? Similarities and Differences?

Come to class on Thursday and be ready to discuss! (or, comment!)

~ Rev. Peter Carey

Gene Robinson

Rick Warren

Joseph Lowery


Kirkepiscatoid said...

In true WWE fashion, don't you need, "Let's get ready tooooooo RRRRRUUUUUMMMBBBLLLLLLE!" added to that?

Pastor Sara said...

Lowery takes the cake for me. Robinson is classically prophetic and that is good, but Lowery upheld great theology, humor, blessing, scripture and cultural references, and calls to accountability while staying positive and celebrating. Robinson leaves me feeling negative. And don't get me started on Warren.

Ellen Painter Dollar said...

I liked Lowery the best, for being prophetic and funny all at once. His was most engaging. Interesting observation: I was watching the inauguration with a bunch of Episcopalians because I was volunteering at Moms' Morning Out at church. There was lots of cringing when Warren mentioned Jesus and ended with the Lord's Prayer, a lot of wondering if Obama was cringing inside because he (Warren) wasn't being inclusive enough. I wasn't aware of the mild controversy over Robinson saying he wouldn't offer an explicitly Christian prayer. Discomfort with a Christian pastor offering a Christian prayer on behalf of a Christian president is odd, coming from Christian people.

Joel said...

Is it possible for a christian to pray a non-christian prayer?

Also see: http://bulk.resource.org/gpo.gov/record/2006/2006_S02759.pdf

and that prayer also heard. What does it men to pray "in your sovereign name"? Has all the us stopped thinking?