Sunday, December 26, 2010

Today's sermon - "God's dream is bigger"

Sunday after Christmas
26 December 2010

The story is an old one.
God created all that there is.
The planets, the seas, the land, the boa constrictors,
The Redwoods, the mosquitoes,
The Himalayas and the Shenandoahs.
And humans, in his likeness.
And God blessed it and it was good.

But there was a break.
A rupture between God,
And humans.
And since that time
God tried all sorts of ways
To repair the rupture.

He chose an elect people
A chosen family
Through whom the world would return.
And this worked
for a time
but, also did not work.
Prophets ignored,
holy women and men forgotten,
But the chosen family endured
through all this time
the ups and downs
and the Joy and the pain.

But the rupture was not repaired,
and God’s dream was of a larger family.
God’s dream was of reconnection with
All God’s People.
God’s dream was of reconciliation with
All God’s People
And of reconciliation with one another.
God’s dream was bigger.
God’s imagination was beyond human conception.

So, God decided to throw open the doors.
God decided to actually invite everyone to the wedding feast.
God decided to come right down among us.
God with us.  Emmanuel.

God came to earth.
We did not earn God’s fatherhood,
and certainly did not enact the Incarnation.
We did not do anything to earn God’s love.
God loves us, and because God loves us God wants us to be with him.
He sent his son to the earth
so that we might be wrapped up in God’s love.
Even when we are cast to the ground
even when we feel like we’re living in the gutter
even when we ARE living in the gutter,

We are welcomed into the very household of God,
the blessed company of All God’s People.
He gave us power to become children of God
God’s love for us pours out on us.
And God’s loving-kindness,
God’s chesed,
Comes to us,
as a gift.

Jesus came from above,
but was also human,
but was also God.  
Not partway one
not partway the other,
but wholly above and wholly below, wholly God and wholly human.  
Do we get it?  
perhaps not.  

The one who was born in no house
has opened the doors to God’s household for us.
We were once slaves, but now we are sons and daughters.
The doors were thrown open by Jesus the Christ
For All God’s People.
Jesus the Christ,
God became Human and dwelt among us.
And the Word became flesh
and lived among us,
and we have seen his glory,
the glory as of a father's only son, full of grace and truth.

But God does things unlike us,
God does things that blow our very minds.  
God's peace is the peace which passes all understanding,
and we are to join in the great dance that God began
in the beginning
and changed the beat radically when God became human as Jesus.  

We are to join in the great dance of the Body of Christ
Christ dances when we turn to one another in love,
Christ dances when we show our love for God when we love our neighbors,
Christ dances when we work for peace and justice,
Christ dances when we forgive,
Christ dances when we give,
Christ dances when we take on racial reconciliation,
Christ dances when we seek to do the good and not count the cost.

So join in the dance of God,
and welcome the crazy reality of God,
becoming human so that we might live,
and live abundantly!

We will greatly rejoice in the LORD,
our whole being shall exult in our God;
for he has clothed us with the garments of salvation,
he has covered us with robes of righteousness,
as a bridegroom decks himself with a garland,
and as a bride adorns herself with her jewels.

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