Tuesday, January 29, 2013

'types and images of Christ'

‎"When he was a young man, the Puritan preacher and theologian Jonathan Edwards used to wander the eighteenth-century New England woods, notebook tucked under one arm, scouring the landscape for what he called 'types and images of Christ.' As he understood it, a 'type' was a kind of shadow, impression, or figure of divine speech that God the Creator, in a kind of playful cosmic poetry, has strewn across the world for our benefit: the shape of a leaf, the industry of a spider, the beauty of a flower. In each of these, Edwards saw reflections of Christ and the 'good news' of the Christian gospel. And though few people today explore the woods quite the way Edwards did, can we imagine a modern analogy? Can you walk through your life, notebook tucked under one arm, scouring the landscape for reflections of Christ, beauty, joy, good news? And when you find one, in a face or a lily or a breathtaking vista, can you dare to imagine of this shining little passage in the 'Book of Nature,' de te loquitur, 'it's talking about you'? Not only about you, of course, but still 'about you' all the same?"

M. M. Boulton, from "On Our Way: Christian Practices for Living a Whole Life", p32-33.

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