Monday, May 20, 2013

The church is the people!!!

When UVA's commencement rolls around each year, it is nearly impossible for our folks to meet at our beautiful church on UVA's "Corner" just across from the Rotunda.  So, we take our "church" on the road and we meet over at McIntyre Park where we really can and do proclaim that "the church" (the ekklesia) is the people, not the building in which the people worship.  We break bread, we worship, we sing, we preach, we gather, and then we have a picnic together!  It is a marvelous time, and it is a blessing to "do church" in this way.  Yesterday was also Pentecost Sunday, and it was particularly meaningful as we remember those early days of the early church, who met wherever they could to "do church" together, and when the Holy Spirit alighted upon each of those early followers of Jesus.

Even in drizzly weather, we had over 100 stalwart folks who joined in for worship yesterday!

~The Rev. Peter M. Carey

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