Sunday, July 28, 2013


I am old enough to realize that I can't always remember who said things to me, and I remember the wisdom, without, perhaps, the wise person who said them.  I remember vividly when a good friend or mentor said to me that many people have found that their purpose in life is to celebrate beauty, and to increase beauty in the world.  I think of all the things to devote one's life to, this is probably quite a wonderful one.  Today, while preaching and celebrating at our 8am service, and then celebrating at our 10am service, I found that the beauty of our service, our wonderful people, and our church was all around me.  In particular, the Flower Guild at St. Paul's have been doing an incredible job to help us worship God, and to celebrate the beauty all around us.  Sometime, if you attend one of our services, I encourage you to go up after the service and enjoy the incredible flower arrangements both in our chapel and in our Nave.  Just wonderful!

Thank you to all, may you all celebrate the beauty all around us, and also help to create beauty in the world!


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