Monday, October 14, 2013

Seven Day Spirituality Course ~ Class #5 Questions

We continue with our "Seven Day Spirituality Course" this Wednesday Night at 7pm after our Community Night at Church.  We turn to Susan Pitchford's wonderful book on St. Francis, "Following Francis," and are looking at Chapters 16, 1, and 2.  Here are the discussion questions for our class, if you want to consider them before class.

I am looking forward to it!




Class 5

October 16, 2013       Francis -  Pitchford pp. 175-179; 1-15 (Ch. 16, 1, 2)
                                                A Brief Biography of St. Francis
                                                Why Follow Francis?
                                                Holy Eucharist: The Passion of our God

1. Where in your life do you see love mingled with suffering?  What does it mean to “love someone till it hurts”?  Is there anyone you love that way, and if so, where does the “hurt” come from?

2. What is your understanding of what occurs during the Holy Eucharist?  It what sense is Christ “present” there?  How does he “communicate” himself to us through the sacrament and give us life?

3. Are there times when you’re especially eager or especially reluctant to receive the Holy Communion?  What factors affect your feelings about it?

4. How often do you receive?  Does your church tend to celebrate it more or less often?  Do you feel a desire to receive more often, or are you concerned that frequent participation might make it less “special”?

5. Do you have any special way of preparing to receive Christ in the Eucharist?  If not, how might you make yourself ready for this special meeting?

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