Thursday, January 23, 2020

St. Mary's hosts the Philadelphia Theological Institute

We were glad to be able to host the Philadelphia Theological Institute yesterday with their Winter Preaching Day Workshop led by Anna Carter Florence

From the book jacket:
“This book is a gorgeous invitation to experience the Bible as a living thing. Anna Carter Florence nudges the reader, saying ‘Can you feel the breath of it on your skin? Can you see how it moves? Can you hear what it’s saying in your own ear? Can you taste both the bitter and the sweet?’ She knows that if we do this, Scripture will always, always hand over the goods. I’m so grateful for her work, her love of the Bible, and her insistence that in it we find truth.”

Nadia Bolz-Weber
— author of Accidental Saints: Finding God in All the Wrong People  

“Anna Carter Florence issues a cunning, compelling invitation to her readers, namely, to recover the reading of Scripture as a communal, oral, contextual, dramatic enterprise—as though in a theater. This book is a rich resource for church folk (clergy and laity) who clamor for ‘more Bible’ but do not know how to get it. This is how to do it!”

Walter Brueggemann
— author of Reality, Grief, Hope: Three Urgent Prophetic Tasks

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