Friday, October 30, 2020

Church arranged for In-Person Worship


Indoor In-person Morning Prayer Guidelines Summary
If you feel sick, please stay home
Masks - Masks are required at all times
6 feet distancing at all times
Entry - we must take turns entering the nave - keep 6 feet distance
Exit/Egress - Please wait to be invited to get up and leave by the Rector 
Bulletins will be available at entry - no Prayer Books or Hymnals
Music - We will have music, but no singing
Offering - There will be a table with an offering plate
No coffee hour or gathering in the Parish Hall

Some of the Actions taken for Safety
Limit the length of the service to 30 minutes.
Outdoor front doors will stay open.
Doors into nave (glass doors) will stay open.
Removal of half of our chairs.
Arrangement of chairs at least 6 feet apart.
Removal of all hymnals and prayer books.
Purchase of three air purifiers which will be running during the service.
Purchase and placement of four air circulating fans.
Purchase of social-distancing signage and floor stickers
Opening two back doors during the service (partially open) to encourage air flow.
Hired professional cleaners
Purchased hand sanitizer which will be easily available
Limiting bathroom use to one person at a time

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