Monday, November 30, 2015

Good article on meditation in schools

I read a really nice article on meditation in schools that was posted at Outside Magazine Online.  An excerpt is below and click the link to read the entire article.

~Chaplain Carey

Meditation Should be Taught in School

Instruction in the art of mindfulness is emerging in grade schools around the country to help children relax, focus, and help others. But it still has a long way to go to become part of the curriculum nationwide.

On a recent Thursday just after lunch, 20 first-graders gathered in a circle on the carpeted floor of their public school classroom in Santa Fe. Some sat cross-legged and others on their knees, each with one hand clasped in front of them or resting on their stomachs. Their teacher, Katie Norton, sat with them on a low crate and jingled a little bell. The children closed their eyes, looking surprisingly tranquil, even a little sleepy. But they weren't settling in for an afternoon nap. They were practicing meditation.

Read the rest HERE at Outside Online

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