Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Humility as the early monastics describe it has nothing to do with passivity, nor anything to do with deliberately cultivating a poor self-image. Being a doormat is not being humble, nor is giving up the self in order to serve the needs, desires and whims of another person who is not God. Humility is not sniveling, nor is it daydreaming gentle thoughts while the world’s violence goes on around it…. It does not believe that Christian values are purely subjective, each person negotiating her or his own values with God in private. It calls for the renunciation of all deep attachments to what the world holds dear: goods, social advancement, the satisfaction of appetites at the expense of others, the right to dominate others in any personal relationship. But if humility is hard, it is also powerful. Humility has to do with taking and accepting radical responsibility for the things that happen in life.

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