20 May 2007

Can there be Unity without Uniformity?

A brief question that encapsulates some of the issues that I tried to address in my honors thesis was the question of "Can there be Unity but not Uniformity?" within the Church, within the gathered community, within even other entities such as schools, families, organizations? My assumption is that there can be Unity but not Uniformity, though it will require a dynamism that most communities have difficulty tolerating and celebrating. My assumption needs to be challenged and tested ... as it probably is in many local churches, as well as in the Global Anglican Communion.

Can there be Unity but not Uniformity?

14 May 2007

Dr. Stanley Hauerwas Says it is a Go!

Dr. Hauerwas of Duke read my thesis and gave it a go! He had some positive comments, and some criticism that was helpful and thoughtful. I was honored and humbled to have him read the thesis.