30 June 2011

Visit the Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Greenwood, VA website!

Come and visit our church's website, which we have been updating over the last year or so: www.emmanuelgreenwood.org, and, if you're in town, do visit!


The Rev. Peter M. Carey

29 June 2011

This is an Episcopal moment

"This is an Episcopal moment" - Bishop Michael Curry

Bishop Michael Curry of the Diocese of North Carolina says the Episcopal Church is well-suited to the challenges of preaching the Gospel in a multi-faith world.

22 June 2011

The exercise of mercy


The Measure of Freedom
Jon Sobrino

The exercise of mercy is the measure of freedom--that state of being which is universally hailed as a human ideal in the Western world. When he healed on a Sabbath, Jesus was violating the rules and norms of his time because he was merciful, not because he was a liberal. Jesus understood freedom from the point of view of mercy, not the other way around. For him, freedom meant that nothing could stand in the way of the exercise of mercy.
Source: The Christian Century (April 3 1991