03 December 2006

Getting Down to Business: Summary of some Work

Though it may appear that I am mostly just a blogger, I actually have begun to explore how Bonhoeffer, Rowan Williams, and James Cone may do some 'work' for me as I try to construct an Ecclesiology of Communion. So, here's a bit of a summary of what I've been working on...

The conversation about communion has begun with Dietrich Bonhoeffer and his deep sense that the church is constituted socially by Christ, as he states in No Rusty Swords, “The church is the hidden Christ in our midst.” In this ecclesiology, Christ is at the center, and full communion is known within and between people as they encounter Christ and one another. Bonhoeffer observes communion as the key to people’s encounter with God. Christ is at the center, bringing people to one another, and to God.

Bonhoeffer’s concept of church is in some contrast to Rowan Williams’ thought that the church is made up of the forgiven community. For Williams, the church was constituted through the forgiveness of the resurrected Christ who then calls the church to the practice of forgiveness. Under girding this practice of forgiveness, Williams claims, is the importance of the memory of being forgiven. In his view, the church is contingent upon God’s gift and, as such, exists in judgment. The judgment of the church is illustrated particularly well today by those, such as James Cone, who point out the ways that systemic sin such as racism infect every part of its structure and practice.

Of course, there are further questions and tensions to explore, such as: What are the points of contact and points of inconsistency between Bonhoeffer’s confessing church and Williams’ established church? How is memory related to forgiveness? In addition, the question of: what is the role of the sacraments for this notion of communion?

01 December 2006

The Body of Christ has AIDS!

As a recent article stated about a soon to be ordained Lutheran pastor who has AIDS, "The Body of Christ has AIDS." If we were to take on this level of social understanding of each of us as members of this body, that is afflicted by HIV/AIDS, would this understanding lead us to combat HIV/AIDS with greater effort and diligence?

I don't know, but I sure think we need to do more; I need to do more!

Support World AIDS Day

Images of Communion: "The Goonies"

Kudos to SW for her suggestion that a great image of communion is the 80s movie, the Goonies. I must say that my memory is foggy about this movie as I was still mourning the cancellation of the A-Team in 1985 (another great model of communion, if you ask me - and "I pity the fool" who doesn't agree ;)

Goonies Trailer