19 February 2015

Jesus in the Desert

I find this to be a powerful depiction of Jesus' time in the desert, the 40 days of fasting and temptation by the devil which follow Jesus' baptism. Take a look.

~The Rev. Peter M. Carey

17 February 2015

Rowan Williams reflects on Lent

California Dreaming...and Holiday Lake Memories: Go Check out Shining's Blog! A wonderful woman who teaches and coaches and runs Ultramarathons!

California Dreaming...and Holiday Lake Memories

                                               All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey
                                                   I've been for a walk on a winters` day
                                                    I'd be safe and warm if I was in L.A.
                                                California dreamin` on such a winters` day

                                                                           --The Mamas and The Papas 

Our daughter is looking at colleges on the west coast, and last weekend we had the good fortune to be in LA on the same weekend as the Sean O'Brien 100k/50/50k/26 races in Malibu. I had heard fantastic things about the SOB course from Andy Jones-Wilkins, so when I realized that the marathon and 50K distance started at 7:00am on Saturday, I was psyched that I had time to run on the famed SOB course and get a taste of the west coast ultra scene, while hubby could take our daughter shopping in Santa Monica. I love it when the cosmos line up! Win-win!
The Georgian ---a classic hotel in Santa Monica
We stayed at the Georgian Hotel in Santa Monica, a wonderful old boutique hotel that was built in 1933 that once hosted Clark Gable and Carole Lombard. It was about 20 minutes from the race start/finish in Malibu Creek State Park. Hubz drove me to there along the Pacific Coast Highway just as the sun was rising;  it felt a bit surreal to be mentally preparing for a mountain trail race while admiring the moonrise over the the ocean! The Santa Monica Mountains are craggy, exposed, and wonderfully runnable. The TV show M*A*S*H* was filmed in these mountains; in fact, the 100K course went through the old set for the show. With about 5500 feet of climb for the marathon distance, I knew I was going to get a tough workout just one week before the Holiday Lake 50k.

The site of M*A*S*H in Malibu Creek State Park
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Ash Wednesday Services at Berkeley Preparatory School Tomorrow

Four Ash Wednesday Services in the Episcopal Tradition
 At Berkeley Preparatory School
Officiated by The Rev. Peter M. Carey, Chaplain
February 18, 2015

7:30 am – Rudolph Library in the Lower Division – All are welcome
            A twenty-minute service of scripture, prayers and the imposition of ashes

8:15 am – Lower Division Activity Center
            Imposition of Ashes after the Lower Division Convo

9:15 am – Lykes Center for the Performing Arts
            Imposition of Ashes after the Middle Division Convo

12:50 pm – Jean Ann Cone Library – All are welcome
            A twenty-minute service of scripture, prayers and the imposition of ashes

All members of the Berkeley Preparatory School Community are welcome to join this traditional service marking the first day of Lent

If you cannot make any of these times, please stop by my office in Gills Hall for ashes and a prayer.

The Rev. Peter M. Carey, Chaplain

16 February 2015

We are not looking in the right places

The unexpected sound of your name on somebody’s lips. The good dream. The odd coincidence. The moment that brings tears to your eyes. The person who brings life to your life. Maybe even the smallest events hold the greatest clues. If it is God we are looking for, as I suspect we all of us are, even if we don’t think of it that way and wouldn’t use such language on a bet, maybe the reason we haven’t ‘found God’ is that we are not looking in the right places.

04 February 2015

Good luck to our Varsity Girls Soccer Team! Go Bucs

Berkeley Prep still in its comfort zone

Tribune correspondent 

 — There was an air of comfort to the Berkeley Prep girls soccer team’s practice Monday afternoon.
Just two days before tonight’s Class 2A state final four match at Melbourne’s Eastern Florida State College against defending champion Delray Beach American Heritage at 5:30 p.m., no one could have blamed the Buccaneers if there had been rattled nerves, anxiousness and a lack of composure.
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Mistakes #qftpp

The "quote from the practice plan" for today is:

What do you do with a mistake: recognize it, admit it, learn from it, forget it. 

-Dean Smith