Friday, December 01, 2006

The Body of Christ has AIDS!

As a recent article stated about a soon to be ordained Lutheran pastor who has AIDS, "The Body of Christ has AIDS." If we were to take on this level of social understanding of each of us as members of this body, that is afflicted by HIV/AIDS, would this understanding lead us to combat HIV/AIDS with greater effort and diligence?

I don't know, but I sure think we need to do more; I need to do more!

Support World AIDS Day


spankey said...

At my Wesley class two weeks ago we had presenters from some Theological School in South Africa who are doing a lot of work with AIDS in their context. One of the guys, J, related a story of talking with a colleague who is HIV-positive, P.

J - We need to think of the body of Christ as HIV-positive

P - That is all well and good, but as A Christian living with HIV, I need the blood of Christ to be negative. I need Jesus to be the perfect representation of humanity as God intended. I want to be transfused with the HIV-negative blood of Jesus.

Peter Carey said...


This is quite good. I think we can probably over-use the image of the Body of Christ, and I really hear this aspect of blood of Christ to be pure and perfect.

I wonder, however, if the "Body of Christ" as it was used by Paul to describe the ekklesia, the church would could "be HIV+" while the blood of Christ would always be pure.

This post is great and has really gotten me thinking!

I think "Body of Christ" as ekklesia, may be made up of persons, churches, etc what are not perfected, except through the action of God...while the "Blood of Christ" is perfect, as it is God's blood...

Whatcha think about that?
Good stuff!

spankey said...

i like how you are splittling hairs on this one peter. it very well could do some good to think of the ekklesia - the body of Christ - as HIV+ while allowing for the cleansing blood of Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ, to be pure. i really like the distinction.

what does it say about us as the body of Christ that we are not continually transfused with the blood of Christ, but rather have the blood of huaminty in our veins?