18 August 2008

The fields and courts are abuzz here at St. Catherine's School

It is the first day of pre-season practices for athletics at St. Catherine's, and the fields and courts and trails are abuzz with student-athletes, and coaches, and trainers all getting ready for the fall season. In addition, I have seen artists and dancers getting ready for the start of the year, and, of course teachers and administrators are working to get classrooms ready and lesson plans finalized before the start of school. There is a lot of positive energy around our beautiful campus this day, which marks the first "official" day that students are back for these activities. However, the summer has been an extremely busy one for those people who care for our campus, all of Bacot Hall has been vacated so that an incredible renovation project may commence, and those who take care of the grounds and buildings have been working diligently to care for this place. There is even a new "chiller" (huge A/C unit) in place to keep our spaces cool.

This is a great place to be, and a great time in a school community; the return of students and teachers, and the commencing of sports and arts and (of course) academics. I look forward to the year with a lot of positive Spirit and great anticipation. Enjoy these days of transition, and I can't wait to see everyone!

The Rev. Peter Carey

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