Monday, December 14, 2009

13 December 2009 - Advent 3C Sermon - Rejoice!

Advent III Sermon
13 December 2009
Emmanuel Episcopal Church
The Rev. Peter M. Carey

Rejoice in the Lord always.
I was asked by a young theologian recently “what is worship,” and I offered up that worship is what we do at church, we might dress up a bit, we gather, we sing, we pray, we greet one another, we hear about the story of God and God’s people. We may listen to some reflection on the Word of God. We confess, we remember Jesus’ work of redemption for us, we break bread, we sing, and we go have snacks. Actually, my answer was a bit briefer. “What is worship?” At the end of Paul’s Letter to the Philippians, he offers these words, “rejoice in the Lord always.” “Rejoice.” “Always.” What is worship? Well, we should rejoice in the Lord always. Of course, we hope we do this here at church, but when we awake, and we realize we have been offered the gift of this day, we rejoice. When we drive along the highway and see the brilliant sun shining on the mountains, we rejoice. When the house is being pounded by rain, we rejoice. When we are called by a friend in need, we also rejoice.

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