Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lent - Bp of Haiti offers Lenten reflection

The Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti, the Rt. Rev. Jean Zaché Duracin, offers the following Lenten reflection, commenting on the situation in Haiti and the need for faith, prayer and renewal in the midst of devastation:

From Episcopal News Service

January 12 was a terrible day for the Haitian people. The earthquake left not a soul untouched. There is not a single family that did not lose a close friend or member: Mothers, fathers, siblings, in some cases entire families disappeared.

As for resources, we have next to nothing. The wreckage is beyond imagination.

However, this situation delivers us into faith. I look at this as a baptism. We who are still alive have had the blessing of survival, but in many ways we have died to the ways of the past. We have the opportunity to rise up and start anew. In this moment of grief and mourning, life must continue.
During this Lenten season, it is important for us in Haiti to turn inward and rediscover all that is just within us. It is imperative that we be reborn in this moment. We will live without the physical trappings of the church because we still have the same spiritual guidance, the confessions, the conversations, the reflections.

We need faith. We must go forward with confidence and hope. The Haitian people are fighters. We will not give up. We must see within this situation the possibilities that exist. Jealousy, anger, hatred – this is not the time for these. We turn to Jesus Christ, who did not fall into temptation; though he was in hard situations, he overcame death in victory.

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