Sunday, April 25, 2010

Easter 4 Sermon

The Rev. Peter M. Carey
Emmanuel Episcopal Church
Fourth Sunday of Easter Sermon
25 April 2010 

Have you heard the news…?

You have been given this day, we have been given this day, perhaps even 24 new hours, to live.  To see glimpses of God's love for us, to experience and share it.

24 new hours.

A gift.

Do we see it this way?  Do we fall into the trap (idolatry) of thinking that we have a fundamental right to this day, ... week, ... year, ... decade and beyond?  A gift, a gift of life.  We have been given this day, can we live in gratitude?

We have a finite amount of time here together, and this is but a temporary home before we go to our ultimate home.  Until then, however, in this time and this place, there may be glimpses and signs of the greater home of the greater glory, of our own deeper reality.  

In the Acts reading today, the widows in the followers of the "way of Jesus" beg Peter to come quickly and raise Tabitha from the dead.  We know that Tabitha was a woman devoted to good works and acts of charity, and the widows had been recipients of her good works and compassion.  They came to Peter not unlike Mary and Martha who came to Jesus and begged to have Jesus bring Lazarus back from the dead.  Here, Peter goes to Tabitha, and through him, God raises her from the dead.  This act is but one of many miraculous acts that we hear about in the lectionary during this season of Easter.  These acts inspire many to become followers and believers to the “way of Jesus.”  

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