Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Seven Day Spirituality Course

Seven Day Spirituality Course

“Seven whole days, not one in seven will I praise thee.”  ~ George Herbert

In this course, we will examine ways that we live out our faith in the everyday interactions and practices of our lives.  As George Herbert famously stated, we are called to praise during all of the “seven whole days.”  Sometimes this is easier said than done, however the gift of God is such that Christ is among us and within us even in the here and now. 

We will look at primarily three books over the course of the Fall semester, between September and December and participants can “dip in and out” as they need to do.  We will begin with looking at portions of Barbara Brown Taylor’s “An Altar in the World” and “Leaving Church.”  

We will turn to Franciscan spirituality in October and November and utilize Susan Pitchford’s wonderful and accessible “Following Francis: The Franciscan Way for Everyone.”  We will augment our examination of Franciscan spirituality by looking at some excerpts from Richard Rohr’s great books.  

Finally, we will look at some of Lauren Winner’s works by examining a bit of her “Mudhouse Sabbath” but reading her “Still:Notes on a Mid-Faith Crisis” in some detail.

This course will be led and facilitated by The Rev. Peter M. Carey, however, the hope is that the leading will be shared, and that the course will be collaborative and interactive.  We will meet on Wednesday nights beginning on September 11th through December  from 7pm – 8pm.  Join us!

An Altar in the World
Following Francis

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