Friday, December 06, 2013

Bishop Mariann Budde on the death of Nelson Mandela

Bishop Mariann Budde on the death of Nelson Mandela:

By Mariann Edgar Budde
While we’ve known that Nelson Mandela has been near death for some time, still the news of his death is saddening. We have lived our entire lives with Mandela’s moral example in front of us. I remember as a seminarian standing outside the South African embassy listening to Bishop John T. Walker demand Mandela’s release from prison. I remember the joy I felt the day Mandela walked out a free man with dignity and grace, and how the whole world felt redeemed when he was elected president.

The good people of this diocese, who lived through and took part in the anti-apartheid struggle, now have partnerships and close friendships throughout South Africa. Today we join together in, holding Nelson Mandela’s family and the South African people before God in prayer.  We join the world in grief and gratitude, and we rededicate ourselves to the values Mandela demonstrated that we can, in fact, live by, even when it costs us everything.

Plans are underway across the globe to honor Nelson Mandela’s life. You can be sure our diocese will take part in the mourning and the remembrance. As soon as our plans are complete, I will let you know.

The Rt. Rev. Mariann Edgar Budde, D.Min.
Bishop of Washington

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