Thursday, March 06, 2014

“Conversations on Prayer Class” - St. Paul's Memorial - Wednesday Nights in Lent

“Conversations on Prayer Class” – Wednesday Night class in Lent

Join our Senior Associate Rector, The Rev. Peter M. Carey for a three-session class on prayer during the final three weeks of our Lenten journey on Wednesday nights from 7:00-8:00pm.  March 26th, April 2nd, and April 9th. 

v In session one (March 26th) , we will begin by discussing “What is prayer” and “What do we need to unlearn/learn about prayer?” and move to discussing Lectio Divina and Ignatian Prayer. 
v In session two (April 2nd) , we will examine Christian meditative/contemplative traditions of praying with Icons and Centering Prayer. 
v In session three (April 9th), we will continue with the Christian meditative/contemplative traditions by examining the Jesus Prayer, Journaling, and various Body Prayer practices.

All are welcome to join in this class in which we will have “Conversations on Prayer” and should prove to be a wonderful way to deepen our prayer in this season of Lent.  If you have questions, please contact Peter in the church office or at

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