Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Join the Bishop's Bible Challenge!

Having read the entire Bible a few times earlier in my own journey of faith, I know the benefits (and challenges!) of working your way through this Holy text.  About a month ago, I joined in with Bishop Gutierrez and the Diocese of Pennsylvania and the "Bishop's Bible Challenge" to read the entire Old and New Testaments in one calendar year.  I encourage you to join in with this great effort.  There are also ways to connect with other good folks in the Diocese of PA who are working their way through the Bible.  Give it some thought and prayer, and consider joining us!



The Rev. Peter M. Carey

Join the Bishop's Bible Challenge! 


Heard the word?
  Over 1900 people have  - YOU CAN TOO!

"Together the diocese is reading the Bible,
bringing God into our lives, and it is transformative."   
~Bishop Gutiérrez

 Please join us! Go to App Store and download the Diopa Bible App on your smart phone.

OR - 
Register on our website at - Bishop's Bible Challenge
Listen during your daily run or commute to work
 Begin with today's reading or an earlier one!
For additional information call the Offices of the Diocese at 215.627.6434  

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