Friday, September 21, 2018

Acolytes at St. Mary's

An acolyte is one who assists the clergy in a liturgical service.  Young people (and, at times, "young" people of ALL ages!) are warmly welcomed into the ministry of serving as acolytes at St. Mary's Church. An effort is made to create an atmosphere so the acolytes will be confident in their roles and upright in their involvement in the solemnity of the service. At the same time, they are relaxed in the knowledge of the moral support, gratitude and appreciation they receive from both priest and congregation. 

Crucifer:  The Crucifer carries the Cross in and out, sits in the sanctuary, and assists with Communion.

Torchbearer: Torchbearers carry the torches, representing the light of Christ, into the church. They walk in procession and recession together following the cross and sit in near the crucifer

Gospel Carrier: On some occasions an acolyte will carry the Gospel Book, the word of Christ, into the church.

​For more information about becoming an acolyte please contact the Rev. Peter M. Carey at or Virginia Trimble through the church office.

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