Sunday, December 16, 2018


Brad Reynolds
Because Christmas is almost here
Because dancing fits so well with musicBecause inside baby clothes are miracles.GaudeteBecause some people love youBecause of chocolateBecause pain does not last foreverBecause Santa Claus is coming.GaudeteBecause of laughterBecause there really are angelsBecause your fingers fit your handsBecause forgiveness is yours for the askingBecause of childrenBecause of parents.GaudeteBecause the blind see.And the lame walk.GaudeteBecause lepers are cleanAnd the deaf hear.GaudeteBecause the dead will live againAnd there is good news for the poor.GaudeteBecause of ChristmasBecause of JesusYou rejoice.
"Gaudete," which is the Latin word for "rejoice," is the Third Sunday in Advent.
Brad Reynolds, S.J., a photographer and artist in residence at Gonzaga University, Spokane, Wash., is also the author of several mystery novels. His poem is taken from America; The National Catholic Weekly (December 11, 2006): See

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