Thursday, January 31, 2019

News from the Diocese of Pennsylvania

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The Holy Land Pilgrimage
The Bishop and several members of the Diocese are traveling throughout the Holy Land. Today is day 5 of their pilgrimage. "On pilgrimage we bring things to leave behind, and we find new things to pick up. They become part of us, the journey changes us."Follow us on Facebook for trip photos and information.

The Butterfly Circle (2/7, Holy Nativity Rockledge)
The Butterfly Circle, is a circle of women who will support one another in a safe place for connecting through love, laughter & sisterhood. It meets the first Thursday of the month. More details.

Music that Makes Community(2/15-2/16, St. Christopher's Church, Gladwyne)
This diocesan-sponsored event is meant to help people connect and learn through singing. The Saturday event will be structured around leadership practices and songs for intergenerational worship. More details here.

Absalom Jones Celebration (2/9, Philadelphia Cathedral)
The Right Reverend Carl Walter Wright, Bishop Suffragan for the Armed Services and Federal Ministries, will preach at the celebration. Acolytes needed. More details here.

History and Race (2/23, St. Asaph's)
This is one of four trainings led by the Anti-Racism Commission throughout the year. This interactive workshop session will focus on the roots of slavery in our country from earlier that the time we became a country.More details here.

Parochial Reports and Budget Basics (2/23, St. Timothy's)
Parochial Report got your puzzled? Budgets got you baffled? We are here to help. Come get expert guidance on completing the Parochial Report and the basics of budgeting. The workshop is free.  More details here.
UTO Grants (3/1 deadline)
The focus of the 2019 UTO grants will be crossing boundaries created by race, culture, and economics to create communities that listen deeply and learn to live like Jesus. More details here.

Proposals for Wapiti (4/4 deadline)
In his message to the Diocese from 1/3, the Bishop outlined a timeline for Wapiti. You can read that message here. The deadline for Wapiti proposals is 4/4. The RFP is listed here.

Now Accepting Applications
for Program Grants (4/15 deadline)
Does your congregation have a program or ministry that could use financial support from our Diocese? Have you wanted to start a new ministry or continue an old one, but just do not have the finances to do so?More details here.

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