Saturday, April 04, 2009

An interesting idea from Derek the Anglican "What if?"

Here's an interesting idea...(From Derek the Anglican's blog: haligweorc)

"What if?…a bishop or the diocesan offices sent out a note to all the parishes in the diocese on Monday morning, asking them to please send in the sermon preached at the church the previous day?

What sort of uproar would it cause among the clergy, and what do you think the bishop would learn about the quality of preaching, exegesis, and doctrine in the diocese?"

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MadPriest said...

I do not mean this with any flippancy whatsoever.

Having attended many, many confirmations and the like, I can tell you that the bishops would discover that all their preachers are a lot better than themselves and that their priests come up with, at least, one different sermon every week as opposed to trying to get away with the same one all year hoping nobody turns up for two confirmations.