Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Mulling it over: Reconciliation in Communion initiative from the good people at "Covenant"

I am currently mulling over the "Word to the 76th General Convention of the Episcopal Church" written by the good people at "Covenant" Blog. I have posted the executive summary below, but do make sure to click HERE to read the entire piece. On first look, I can affirm the vast majority of the statements, and am interested in some dialogue about some others, but I applaud this effort and hope that good can come from this good work. Kudos to Covenant!!!

~The Rev. Peter M. Carey

From "Covenant-Communion" blog

Reconciliation in Communion

A Word to the 76th General Convention of the Episcopal Church

An Executive Summary of “Reconciliation in Communion”

NB: The full text of “Reconciliation in Communion” may be found below and online at http://www.covenant-communion.net

• Evangelism is central to the life of the Church’s mission.
• Our Baptismal Covenant calls us to live lives leading to holiness, justice, and peace.
• The rite of Holy Baptism in the 1979 Book of Common Prayer contains no theology unique to the Episcopal Church.
• Baptism before Communion is the best way to be faithful to our Baptismal Covenant as we engage in evangelism, and reflects an ecumenical consensus we cannot ignore.
• The Episcopal Church’s full communion with the See of Canterbury and its full and active participation in the other Instruments of Communion, as well as in the life of the whole Anglican Communion, are essential elements of our identity.
• The actions already taken by General Convention that demonstrate the Episcopal Church’s good faith intention to remain in full communion with the Anglican Communion are to be affirmed.
• Schism undermines the Gospel; what divides the Church is not of Christ.
• Unilateral actions undermine justice, even when such actions are intended to establish it.
• The Anglican Covenant is the only viable path at present for maintaining communion and should be adopted by the Episcopal Church.
• General Convention should not speak with one voice on public policy or other issues when that voice is merely that of the majority, and not reflective of genuine consensus.
• General Convention needs to keep in mind that schism among Anglicans damages the witness of all involved, and thus should focus on building mutual respect leading to reconciliation.
• Youth and young adults are necessary to the growth of the church and should be a top priority over the next Triennium.
• Bishops and other leaders need to pursue constructive and charitable relationships with those who are currently estranged from the Episcopal Church, particularly since we must be mindful of the legacy we will pass on to the next generation.
• Making a commitment to remaining lovingly engaged in worship and service with all members of this church, even amid our conflicts, is an essential feature of what it means to love each other as Christ loves us.

Read the entire piece (HERE), and post a response on the Covenant blog on your thoughts!

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