02 November 2007

Episcopal Academy is prepped for a big change

Episcopal Academy, where I formerly taught history and religious studies, is working to move their entire operation (from to campuses) to 9 miles west of Philadelphia. This process began during my last couple of years working there. There is an interesting article about this huge move in the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper from last week....an excerpt is below, or read it all HERE.

Posted on Sat, Oct. 20, 2007
Episcopal Academy is prepped for a big change
By Jeff Gammage


Set on the highest point of the Merion campus, Christ Chapel is the beating heart of Episcopal Academy, its gabled roofs reaching toward the heavens, its windows the portals for piercing streams of sunlight.

It's where students gather for prayer; where budding musicians present their first, rattled-nerve performances; where speakers from organizations as diverse as NASA and the Eagles offer life lessons. It's a place to reflect on Christian ideals and learn about tenets of Judaism, Hinduism and Islam.

And today, parts of it are being boxed up. Like other pieces of the school, elements of the chapel await shipment to a new campus, a move that will take venerable Episcopal Academy 11 miles west - and into a new world.

Two dozen heirloom stained-glass windows already have been removed from the chapel. The huge, free-hanging cross will be moving, along with the altar. The pews will be left behind.

"We've been here for so long," junior Matt Lerman of Villanova said, "but they have to think about the future."

Ah, the future. Not an easy subject for a private day school with a long, illustrious past. Episcopal is nearly as old as the nation. Its founders include two signers of the Declaration of Independence.

Read the rest HERE.

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