Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Men's Bible Study - Fall 2010

Men’s Bible Study
Emmanuel Episcopal Church
Greenwood, Virginia
in the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia

Fall 2010 Dates

September 21
October 12
October 26
November 9
November 30
December 14

8:30-9:30 am
in the Parish Hall

We meet in the Parish Hall from 8:30-9:30 about every other Tuesday to study, discuss, reflect upon, and dialogue about key stories of the Bible. In 2009-2010, we hopped from Genesis through the beginning of the stories of Samuel and King David. We welcome you to join us. Here are the dates, readings, for our upcoming Fall 2010 sessions.
We’d love to see you with us!!
September 21
Reading: 1 Samuel 17
Focus: David and Goliath Are there deeper truths / puzzles than we normally see in this often-told tale? Whatever did Saul do to God to be so cursed? Decline of Saul, Rise of David
October 12
Reading: 2 Samuel 11
Focus: David & Bathsheba Why does God stick with this guy? Why does David keep returning to God? David as flawed, yet model believer and king
October 26
Reading: 1 Kings 17
Focus: Elijah and the Widow Why does Elijah help the foreign widow? What is Elijah (and God?) saying with this living parable? God’s call to care for the “other”
November 9
Reading: Book of Esther
Focus: Esther as (reluctant) liberator? Power and Resistance
What moves Esther to finally stick up for her people? Is it satisfying that the bad guy gets it in the end? Irony and dark humor in the Old Testament
November 30
Reading: Book of Job
Focus: Job, God, and his friends ~ Was Job patient or not? Were his friends friends?~“Patience of Job”
December 14
Reading: Selections from Psalms & Proverbs & Ecclesiastes
Focus: Psalms/Proverbs vs. Ecclesiastes
Wisdom literature seems to be all over the place with its theology!? Does God reward the good? Are the evil punished, or is it all vanity?

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