Monday, July 30, 2012

Spirituality of Sport - my class on Wednesday nights this Fall

Spirituality of Sport
Wednesday Night Class at St. Paul’s Memorial
Fall 2012

Sport has been intertwined with spirituality and religion for millennia.  From the Ancient Greeks who performed the Olympics to hono the gods to Native Americans playing lacrosse to honor the Creator, sport and the life of the spirit have coexisted.  In our current age, we know something of the ups and downs of our emphasis on sport.  In this course we will examine a spirituality of sport and coaching as we consider the ways that sports can be positively transformative.  This course is for coaches, parents, teachers, and anyone interested.  We will read Joe Ehrmann’s book, “Inside Out Coaching.”  From the bookjacket: “Sports have become a secular religion, according to Ehrmann.  Tens of millions of children play sports, and millions of coaches have the potential to influence the lives of these children – and through them to touch their parents’ lives as well.  Children can be diminished and discouraged by their sports experiences, or they can be strengthened, uplifted, even in some cases redeemed.  Sports can be a life-changing experience if coaches understand why they are coaching and redefine their measurement of success.”  Led by Senior Associate Rector, Peter Carey.  Ehrmann’s book is available for $14.95 in hardback. 

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