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Kate Sonderegger's new book - on my "Must Read" list!!

VTS Announces Publication of First Publication on Systematic Theology from Professor Katherine Sonderegger

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Alexandria, Va. – Virginia Theological Seminary (VTS) announces the publication of Systematic Theology: The Doctrine of God, Volume 1 (Fortress Press, 2015), written by The Rev. Katherine Sonderegger, Ph.D., the William Meade Chair in Systematic Theology.
"Kate Sonderegger has written a masterpiece," said the Rev. Ian S. Markham, dean and president of Virginia Theological Seminary. “It is breath-taking in scope, beautiful in prose, and insightful in terms of argument. It is a theology born out of love for God; it is quite simply brilliant. We are proud of our William Meade Professor of Theology. This is a substantial contribution to the discipline of Theology."
The mystery of Almighty God is most properly an explication of the oneness of God, tying the faith of the church to the bedrock of Israel's confession of the LORD of the covenant, the LORD of our Lord Jesus Christ. The doctrine of divine attributes, then, is set out as a reflection on Holy Scripture: the One God as omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient, and all these as expressions of the Love who is God. Systematic theology must make bold claims about its knowledge and service of this One LORD: the Invisible God must be seen and known in the visible. In this way, God and God's relation to creation are distinguished—but not separated—from Christology, the doctrine of perfections from redemption. The LORD God will be seen as compatible with creatures, and the divine perfections express formally distinct and unique relations to the world.
This systematic theology, then, begins from the treatise De Deo Uno and develops the dogma of the Trinity as an expression of divine unicity, on which will depend creation, Christology, and ecclesiology. In the end, the transcendent beauty who is God can be known only in worship and praise.
"Astonishing in scope and breadth, beautiful in language, profound in spiritual perception, this is a monumental work, comparable to Rowan Williams and T. F. Torrance at their best,” said George Hunsinger from Princeton Theological Seminary. “I expect it to be a standard point of reference in Christian theology for years to come."
Prior to joining the Virginia Seminary faculty in 2002, Professor Sonderegger served on faculties at Middlebury College and Bangor Theological Seminary. She is the author of That Jesus Christ Was Born a Jew: Karl Barth's "Doctrine of Israel" (University Park: Penn State Press, 1992).
Sonderegger is a member of the American Academy of Religion, Kampen-Princeton Barth Consultation, Karl Barth Society of North America; American Theological Society, Society for the Study of Theology, and since 2004 has been the co-chair for the Reformed Theology executive committee. She is the author of That Jesus Christ Was Born a Jew: Karl Barth's "Doctrine of Israel" (1992).
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