Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My reflection "Trusting in the gifts of the present" is up at the NAES Commons Blog

My reflection "Trusting in the gifts of the present" is up at the NAES Commons Blog,,,

Trusting in the gifts of the present
By The Rev. Peter M. Carey
Posted at the National Associations of Episcopal Schools' "Commons Blog"

“Will this look good on my college resume?” 
“What courses should I take to get into the college of my choice?” 
“What Division One coaches will be at this showcase event?” 
In schools today, there is an increasing focus on the destination of college, and it is not only juniors and seniors. Now, even fifth and sixth graders are talking about college and graduate school. My own seventh graders talk about going to either Columbia or Harvard or Michigan or UNC. In addition, Lower School admissions officers recount stories of prospective parents of pre-kindergarten students who ask about a school’s college profile! The causes of this pressure are legion: anxious parents, competition for college admittance, the Internet, and the high cost of advanced education, to name a few. With so much energy focused on the next chapter, there is a loss in the gifts of the present. We, like our students, often rush toward the future. 
I believe one antidote is for us to help model the spiritual practice of abiding in the present moment. As our former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, wrote “The hardest thing in the world is to be where we are.”*

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