Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Please consider giving to Episcopal Relief and Development!

Please consider giving to Episcopal Relief and Development!

Friend in Christ, just making sure you saw Rob's email. While it's difficult for many of us to understand what those affected by Hurricane Irma are going through right now, we can put our faith into action and give them the support they urgently need.

Please donate now and help Episcopal Relief & Development in the US and Caribbean to provide temporary housing, food, and urgently needed supplies.

Your gift will not only benefit people now, but in the weeks and months ahead as we remain for the longer-term recovery. Thank you for your generosity and prayers for all those affected by Hurricane Irma and other storms as we just begin this hurricane season.

*If you have already donated to the Hurricane Relief Fund, thank you. We will provide updates as our work continues.
Help us respond to Hurricane Irma — and other storms on their way
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Dear Friend in Christ,

Hurricane Irma left hundreds of thousands of people in dire need. They will require critical assistance in the weeks and months ahead. In addition, we are only at the start of what promises to be a very active hurricane season.

As we launch relief efforts in communities both in the US and the Caribbean, we urgently need your support.

Hurricane Irma's impact is truly unparalleled — leveling islands with record-breaking winds, flooding, and heavy rains. At least 47 people died as a result of the storm including at least 12 in the US, and millions continue to be without power. The devastation in the US Virgin Islands is catastrophic.
We are supporting our partners in the affected areas across the Caribbean and US, and helping them to quickly provide supplies, assess damage, and help rebuild.

The magnitude of the destruction is only beginning to be understood. With your help, we will be prepared to assist communities for the long haul — after Irma and whatever comes next.

Please make an urgent gift to our Hurricane Relief Fund and pray for the individuals and families affected. This is just the beginning of a long recovery — and our brothers and sisters in need are counting on us.
Yours faithfully,
Robert W. Radtke
Episcopal Relief & Development 

P.S. As someone who gave generously to support those affected by Hurricane Harvey, I want to say thank you. We can only begin to imagine how traumatic these events can be for the families and communities involved. I hope you will consider making a special gift to help other hurricane victims, including those impacted by Irma, recover as quickly as possible and rebuild in the months ahead.
We promise to always use your donation wisely
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