Saturday, March 07, 2009

"Don't blame greedy bankers, blame your own pride," Rowan Williams tells Government

from Ruth Gledhill of the London Times, a wonderful introduction to an amazing speech that the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams delivered today...

Don't blame greedy bankers - blame your own pride, Rowan tells Government

Rowan Williams - normal size copy#1# Any student of human failings understands that the deadliest of the seven deadly sins is not greed, but pride. It has taken the Archbishop of Canterbury to point this out to the Government in a thunderously excellent speech tonight in a public lecture in Cardiff. See our story here and the full transcript also.

This is the Archbishop at his best, and I recommend to you the three principles with which he concludes:

(i) Our faith depends on the action of a God who is to be trusted; God keeps promises. There could hardly be a more central theme in Jewish and Christian Scripture, and the notion is present in slightly different form in Islam as well. Thus, to live in proper harmony with God, human beings need to be promise-keepers in all areas of their lives, not least in financial dealings.

read it all HERE

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