Friday, August 17, 2007

August Gratitude for God's Work "Behind the Scenes"

This has been a very busy summer, with my wife doing graduate school in New York City, and my good efforts to be the primary child care provider for our two sons, a move from Northern Virginia to Richmond, over 4000 miles on the car on trips to CT, DC, Vermont, Cape Cod, and various other trips. Now I will soon begin work as a school chaplain, which I am very excited about, but also I am more and more aware of how much work gets done quietly, with little fanfare, often in the background of our lives. All too often, I have forgotten to be aware and thankful for all that my spouse has done to make our house a home and to offer love and care to me and our kids. Likewise, I see all the support staff at my new school getting ready for the year, the grounds are beautiful, renovations continue, classrooms are spotless, and all this can easily be ignored for the more "important" work of teaching and learning and coaching and playing ... being aware of the work that gets done in the background of our lives is, I believe, a theological and a spiritual practice. Cultivating gratitude for all that other people do to support us reminds us as well of the work that God does to support us, guide us, and provide us with what we need.

God is in the midst of us, creating, providing, enabling, and loving this wonderful creation, including each and every one of us and the beauty of the world. These images from Cape Cod also remind me of God's presence and God's goodness ... though I envy C and H who depart for the Cape this weekend (I am green with envy!) ...

I hope we can all cultivate a sense of gratitude for God's work in our lives, and a sense of gratitude for all those who work 'behind the scenes,' to provide for us. May we also remember and cultivate gratitude and thanksgiving (eucharisto) for all God has done for us.


Kathleen Henderson Staudt said...

Thanks for directing me to your blog, in your comment on my Outer Banks musings. Lots of good stuff here, and it was good to hear from you -- and to see these wise words about "behind the scenes."

I'll add yours to my list of blogs I read -- .

Blessings to you - hope all is well.

Peter Carey said...


Blessings to you!

Things are going well; gearing up for the beginning of the school year, and my family is good. Hope you are, too!

Great news about Tim being the next academic dean at VTS! Whoo Hoo!