Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Quotes from Thomas Merton...

I ran across these two quotes from Thomas Merton, one (on the God's Politics Blog) that speaks to me as we try to settle into our new home, search for cheap furniture, try to resurrect the yard, unpack boxes, play with our children, put food on the table, and begin also to work. The mountaintop experiences are not where I am now, but I am striving (with some greater and some lesser success) to see God's hands at work all around me ... even, and especially, in the "everyday" moments in which God is (of course) already present....

Better just to smell a flower in the garden...than to have an unauthentic experience of a much higher value. Better to honestly enjoy the sunshine or some light reading than to claim to be in contact with something that one is not in contact with at all.

- Thomas Merton
Quoted in Essential Monastic Wisdom, by Hugh Feiss

The other quote I ran across on the Inward/Outward Blog from the Church of Our Saviour, risking for the gospel, and living the gospel as NEW, BRAND NEW!

The Gospel is handed down from generation to generation but it must reach each one of us brand new, or not at all. If it is merely “tradition” and not news, it has not been preached or not heard - it is not Gospel…. If there is no risk in revelation, if there is no fear in it, if there is no challenge in it, if it is not a word which creates whole new worlds, and new beings, if it does not call into existence a new creature, our new self, then religion is dead and God is dead.

Source: Conjectures of a Guilty Bystander

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