Thursday, August 30, 2007

Mentor Bloggers.... on Episcopal Cafe Blog

Two of my mentors from VTS, Roger Ferlo and Kathy Staudt have blog posts on the Episcopal Cafe Blog.

Dr. Ferlo wrote yesterday here about the "Anonymous Apostles" who have arrived at Virginia Theological Seminary for the beginning of a new academic year at VTS. Since this arriving class is 'replacing' my own class of 2007, I was very interested in his reflections. Also, it seems like only yesterday that I was beginning my academic work at VTS, struggling through introductory Koine Greek and wondering what this whole seminary thing would be! Read Roger's post here.

Dr. Staudt wrote today here of the teacher, theologian, writer, and prophet Verna Dozier who died just a year ago today. I was a big fan of Verna Dozier's as well, having read her book, The Dream of God several times. Kathy writes well about Verna Dozier's wonderful ministry and her great presence. Read her post here.

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(Kathy) said...

Peter- Thanks for the plug. I am always curious about other people's efforts to name what I do, but "blogger mentor" is a first. I've been enjoying your blog, too!