Monday, June 30, 2008

Bishop Chane offers comment on Archbishop Williams' response to Gafcon

from the Times....(via Ruth Gledhill's blog)...

Bishop Chane tells The Times in response:

"The archbishop's thoughtful letter is helpful, and his defense of the Communion's structures is persuasive. I am particularly grateful to hear him say that "the conviction of the uniqueness of Jesus Christ as Lord and God and the absolute imperative of evangelism are not in dispute in the common life of the Communion." This slanderous bit of boilerplate has been repeated frequently by the opponents of the Episcopal Church, and it is heartening to know that the archbishop realizes that it false.

'I am quite concerned however that Archbishop Williams seems not to understand that there are primates, bishops, and others in the Communion who are actively seeking to undermine his office. He says that we should not "input selfish or malicious motives to those who have offered pastoral oversight to congregations in other provinces." But there is no doubt that extending such oversight is an effort to foment discord, and punish those who argue on behalf of the full inclusion of gays and lesbians in the life of our Communion. Peter Akinola is unwilling to articulate a simple condemnation of violence against homosexuals. What more does he have to do to persuade the archbishop that his views are dangerous, malicious and un-Christian?'

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